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Spring has sprung, and with it comes the urge to embrace all things floral. But this season instead of falling into the usual pattern trap, take your inspiration from the power of the flower.

Sure, a bouquet-full of blooms is a lovely sight, but remember … those sweet stems are grown from solid roots. So, take a note from nature when choosing your outfit du jour and build from your strongest piece first. Heavier fabrics like denim or leather (yes, you can wear it in spring) act as your grounding element and will nicely complement more airy, delicate pieces of gypsy crochet or thin gauze.

Bright colors such as fuchsia and yellow can also act as your base; look for soft accents such as ruffles, bows, or twirl-able tiers, and you’re bound to rival any pretty petal.


Wilma 0420 Style 1

Wilma 0420 Style Collage1

Gauzy DRESS, wide-brimmed HAT, and combat BOOTS, all available at Hallelu 

Wilma 0420 Style Collage4

Wilma 0420 Style Collage2

Yellow DRESS with drape, available at Jess James + Co.

Wilma 0420 Style Collage3

Colette zip-front denim DRESS, white eyelet SHIRT, and black BOOTS, all available at Oliver Clothing

Wilma 0420 Style Collage5

Layered pink DRESS, available at Oliver Clothing

MODELS: Rheanna Reid (UC Models) & Liv Laureen

WARDROBE: Hallelu, I Like It Here Club, Jess James + Co., Oliver Clothing

HAIR: SET Blowout Bar

MAKEUP: Robin Siegel for Carter Kayte Beauty Atelier

LOCATION: Mother of Wild, 167 Porters Neck Rd. Unit 140

FLORALS: Mother of Wild

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