Gaining Peace Of Mind In Turbulent Times

Severe weather, political and social turmoil, unemployment, a global pandemic…this past year has been a challenge. One thing is for sure, all the time spent at home and out of our usual routines has helped us distinguish “wants” from “needs.” 

Understanding what’s really important in life — like good health and the welfare of loved ones — brings clarity and empowers us to set goals to achieve a satisfying life. Add to that the right insurance coverage and you will also have peace of mind while pursuing those goals. 

Are you downsizing to a smaller home, purchasing a new car or perhaps need new glasses? Do you need help paying medical bills or want to offset the cost of assisted living? Are you starting or expanding a business?

Whatever your goals, James E. Moore Insurance Agency, Inc. can streamline the process of finding the right personal or business insurance to care for yourself, your family, and even your business. 

Make an appointment to talk with us. Share your goals and concerns and we will identify what will meet your specific needs. We take time to answer your questions without all the jargon because we want to get it right for you. Working together, we’ll help you choose the best coverage within your budget. The last thing you need is to overpay to be underinsured!  

Our agency represents top-rated national and regional carriers, including those that offer wind and hail coverage on their homeowner’s policy. In addition, we are one of the largest coastal agents for flood insurance.

As this year unfolds, and we all create the “new normal” for our lives, think how relieved you’ll be to know you have the right insurance products in place. Think how good you’ll feel knowing you can deal with life’s stresses — and have the resilience to bounce back from adversity. 

We at James E. Moore Insurance Agency believe that is truly peace of mind. And you deserve to have it.

Adrienne Moore is COO and 3rd generation owner of James E. Moore Insurance Agency, Inc. Established in 1954, it has become one of the most trusted independent insurance agencies in North Carolina. It is a family-owned business offering homeowners, automobile, life and health, employee benefits, and commercial insurance products. For more information, call 910.256.5333 or visit the agency’s website at 

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