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Moves to stay fit at home or outside

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After the coronavirus pandemic shut down gyms and fitness centers, those wanting to stay fit turned to virtual classes and outdoor activities. KERRI DAVIS, owner, certified fitness trainer, and health coach with Fit to You Inc., shares a social distancing-appropriate routine to stay healthy.

This circuit training workout is designed to not only get your heart pumping and your muscles firm, but it can be done anywhere without equipment.

Beginners start with 1-2 rounds of each exercise. Advanced exercisers do 3 rounds. Perform one set of each exercise and then move onto the next. Take a one-minute rest at the end of the sequence and then do one more set of each exercise 1-2 more times. The total workout should take 20-30 minutes.

When you’ve finished the rounds, be sure to stretch each muscle group at the end of your workout.


Get into a squat position as if you were reaching for a chair behind you. Keep your shoulders back and make sure your knees don’t go past your toes. As you hold the squat, tap your right toe 1-2 feet behind you. Alternate legs. Do 10-15 each leg.

Works legs, especially the quads and glutes

Stationary Squat Toe Taps


Start from a high pushup position with hands on the ground and a straight line from shoulder to feet. Hands should be facing forward and directly under your shoulders. Lift your right hand and tap your left shoulder. Alternate arms. Keep your abs tight throughout the exercise. This can be modified by planking from the knees. Just remember to keep that straight line from shoulders to knees. Do 10-15 each side.

Works core and upper body

Plank Alt Shoulder Tap (1)


Step backward into a lunge, lowering right knee towards the ground, and left thigh will be parallel to the ground. Make sure your upper body stays tall, your front knee does not jut forward over the toe, and that you are lunging straight down. Your back heel will come off the ground as you lower. Next, as you come up out of the lunge, bring the right knee up towards your belly button, using your lower abs to do so. Return to a lunge position. Do 10-15 on one side and then switch.

This one will challenge your balance, as well as legs and abs

Lunge Knee Up Copy


Start in high plank position with hands directly under shoulders and fingers facing forward. Make sure there is a straight line from shoulders to feet and your neck is in line as well. Slowly lower and then rise to start. You may modify these by doing them from the knees, just be sure to maintain the straight line from shoulders to knees. Keep abs tight. No sagging or bottom in the air. Do 10-15 reps.

Works arms, shoulders, and back

Push Ups Copy


Start in high pushup/plank position with hands directly under shoulders and facing forward. Use your core to bring your legs forward and underneath you, popping up into a low squat position. Make sure when you come up that you are facing forward, you are sitting back (as if reaching for a chair), knees are behind your toes, and your chest is up. Now, bend forward, touch hands to the ground, and shoot back into plank position. This is an advanced move so if you need to modify it, instead of popping into the squat or shooting back all at once, try walking your feet in before standing and back out into the plank. Do 8-12 reps.

Works your entire body

Plank Pop Squat Copy


From standing position, step out to the right side, sit back while bending the right knee and keeping the left leg straight. Make sure that you are sitting back and the bent knee is not going past the toe. Return to start. Do 10- 15 on the right side and then switch.

Works legs, especially the inner thigh

Alternating Side Lunge Copy


Sit on the bottom of your seat bones with knees together and bent, leaning back slightly. Advanced exercisers can use their core to lift the feet off the ground. Sit tall, with shoulders back and abs engaged. Raise arms in front of you, hands together. Slowly twist to the right and touch hands to the ground, then twist back to center. Next, do the same on the left side. Alternate for 10-15 reps on each side.

Russian Twist

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