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Self-care can come in many forms; for many, a new hairstyle or skincare can provide a much-needed fresh new look. Beauty and Bloom co-founders SHELLY SHI and LINDSAY WEBB wanted to bring their expertise in several self-care areas to the people of Wilmington.

“We are so proud and honored to share our beautiful space, our knowledge, and our love for the industry with the public,” says Shi, an aesthetician and makeup artist who founded the salon at the South Front District.

The duo opened the salon in 2019 and chose this district due to its fun, urban, come-as-you-are feel, they said in a 2019 story.

Beauty and Bloom offers many traditional services with technicians focusing on different hair types, such as curly or textured. Skincare services include facials, pigmentation treatments, lash lifts, and more.

“We offer makeup for special occasions and bridal as well as makeup lessons,” Shi adds.

What makes Beauty and Bloom stand out is Shi and Webb’s commitment to continued education in the industry.

“Our entire team truly works hard to stay current and improve their craft,” says Shi. “They all have a specialty they bring to the table, so we can offer services to a diverse clientele.” Shi consistently attends classes and workshops that teach her about the newest trends and treatments available.

“During high school, I started assisting at a hair salon and fell in love with the atmosphere and truly making a change in people’s lives,” says Webb, a master stylist with the salon who specializes in color, balayage, and cutting.

“A great cut and color give people so much confidence, and I wanted to be a part of that,” Webb adds. She places great emphasis on education through training and specialized courses. She considers the beauty industry to be ever-evolving which requires constant refreshing.

Shi’s love of makeup became apparent during esthetics school. She loved helping people feel beautiful while staying true to her creative roots.

“We strive to exceed expectations with our clients and truly care about them and their lives,” says Shelly. “They are like family to us. We are so proud of our team and personally think they’re the best in town.”

The “bloom” side of Beauty and Bloom is a unique twist to the salon with its offering of flowers

“Daily arrangements and delivery for fresh or dried arrangements are available,” says Shi. “We also offer floral service for small events such as weddings, showers, birthdays, etc. What woman doesn’t want to leave looking her best and take home something as beautiful as our unique arrangements?”

The salon has a build-your-own bouquet bar with fresh flowers, and it also sells flowers at local markets around Wilmington.

“We can assist you, or you can DIY with fresh or dried flowers or a combo of both. It’s a lot of fun and a fun way to interact with our clients or potential clients,” she says. “We also love bringing a vision to life when we are hired to do events and parties and collaborate with our clients.”

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