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True Wellness Collective helps clients foster wellness

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Health should be a priority for everyone but seems to always take a backseat to career, family, and fun activities. HANNA SCHULTZ is the founder of True Wellness Collective, a community focused on wellness where she helps those seeking to live healthier lifestyles through sharing recipes and workouts.

Memberships and one-on-one sessions allow her to get to know her clients and develop plans for fostering wellness no matter what stage they are currently in.

“I’m only 24, but I’d like to say I’ve lived many lives already,” says Schultz. “I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force when I was 18 and served six years. During this time, I also went to Ohio University and received a degree in athletic wellness.”

As someone who has always been involved in athletics, Schultz learned to listen to her own body when things weren’t right.

“I took up various forms of movement, just trying it all trying to find something that worked for my lifestyle and current health,” says Schultz. “At the same time, I was working through my own health struggles, including amenorrhea for more than seven years, Lyme disease, bio-toxin illness, parasites and SIBO. I tried every diet possible trying to heal but hadn’t addressed my root causes. I became certified as a personal trainer, soon after, getting certified as a holistic health coach.”

This is when Schultz says she got the entrepreneur bug and started her first website where she started posting healthy recipes, workouts, and motivational blurbs on her socials and received positive feedback.

After graduation, Schultz went on to earn other expertise including becoming a certified personal trainer, nutritional therapy practitioner, CrossFit trainer, and more, which would lead her to found True Wellness Collective.

“To me, ‘true wellness’ means finding and living a healthy lifestyle that feels good to you,” says Schultz. “My approach with my clients and with my community as a whole, is to allow them to lead the way compared to me trying to fit them into a certain box. My approach sets me apart because I believe in getting to the root cause and healing from there.”

Schultz says she blends her knowledge and experiences together to create a custom care plan for her clients as well as the events and workshops she hosts.

“I tune into what my community needs in that moment, and as a collective, we are all able to benefit in our own ‘true wellness’ way,” she says.

Schultz hosts virtual workshops as well to support the community as well as her individual clients. In April, True Wellness Collective hosted meditation and guided discussions aimed at changing participant’s view and beliefs on their bodies.

Recipes on her website include strawberry cake baked oats, warming yellow curry, chocolate chunk protein balls, and more.

“My goal for True Wellness Collective is to continue to build and support the community,” says Schultz. “In a tangible way, this looks like transitioning to more events and workshops, creating a course to help my community find their own ‘true wellness.’”

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