Exotic Threads

There’s nothing more fascinating than unfurling the story behind an intricate pattern. ​

Every twist and turn of a unique design has a tale to tell. A gorgeous leaf print may be reminiscent of a native plant in Tanzania. Or the rich, textured detailing of a rug may have roots in India or a distant era from long ago. 

The mystery of an exotic print transfers to its owner and inevitably makes for a memorable encounter. 

So invest in ornate opulence this season by incorporating a few fanciful accents to your home and wardrobe. 

You’ll undoubtedly capture the eyes and curiosity of all.

On Aquisha (above): Striped navy DRESS ($54), available at Aqua Fedora; collar COAT by Nashona ($240), available at Nashona.com; NECKLACE ($28), available at Island Passage

RUG DETAILS: This contemporary rug was handwoven in India using raw silk and natural dyes. ($6,292)


On Kelly: Printed SHIRT from Style Girl Vintage ($60) and vintage TIE (pricing upon request), both available at Aqua Fedora; Artful pencil SKIRT by Nashona ($98), available at Nashona.com

RUG DETAILS:  This silk rug was hand-knotted by master weavers northwest of Iran in the city of Tabriz and was heavily inspired by the Persian arts in the Safavid dynasty in the 16th-century Persian Empire. ($19,666)







On Monique: BLOUSE ($78) and SKIRT ($128) by Free People, available at Island Passage; sparkly BRACELET ($20) and gold  UFF ($12), both available at Aqua Fedora

RUG DETAILS: This pure silk rug took master weavers 40,000 hours to complete. The design was inspired by the Persian arts, miniatures, mosaics, and a painting from the Safavid dynasty. ($100,800)






On Aquisha: Multicolored DRESS ($48) and NECKLACE ($38), available at Aqua Fedora; Imperial Pencil SKIRT by Nashona ($50), available at Nashona.com

RUG DETAILS: This one-of-a-kind rug was hand knotted in India and inspired by 16th-century masterpieces woven for the palaces and royal courts. ($17,290)







PHOTOGRAPHER: Janet Adamson, JA Images  jaimages.biz

STYLIST: Jessica De Vault,  jessicadevault.com

MODELS: Kelly Tada of USA Directions, Aquisha Gross of Bucceri Models and Monique Hauser

HAIR: Kate Bailey, facebook.com/katebaileyhair

Makeup: Danielle Forte, Facebook.com/DanielleForteMakeupArtist

FASHION ASSISTANTS: Caitlyn Campagna and A’ngelia Fonville

LOCATION: Gallery of Oriental Rugs, 4101 Oleander Drive. 
All rugs available at Gallery of Oriental Rugs.