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Simply Social aims to keep things simple and easy by providing high-end entertaining in the form of private parties or in-home chef services. However, its dining experiences are anything but simple. How about The Limousine grazing board for your next gathering? Filled with meats, cheeses, scratch-made cheddar sables, local honey, and artisan chocolate, simple is not what necessarily comes to mind. More like elegant, unique, and savory.

BROOKE BLOOMQUIST and ALLEGRA GRANT are the masterminds behind Simply Social. The two met while working at the Hotel Ballast downtown. Bloomquist is a natural hostess who grew up in a family that was always entertaining friends and guests.

“My parents were very social. They hosted many parties (outside the traditional holiday get-togethers) for as long as I can remember,” she says. “My siblings and I were fortunate enough to attend many wonderful national events hosted by Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and Fortune 500 corporations.”

She also traveled a lot and brings that influence into her business. She is also a certified master distiller at her family’s distillery, Blue Shark Vodka.

Grant brings an international flair with her southern and Hispanic roots.

“Hospitality has always been important in my family,” Grant says. “We have a rich history of family-owned restaurants and hospitality-related businesses. My great grandparents owned a Mexican diner on the border of Texas and Mexico.”

It was only natural that Grant would be drawn to the world of food and entertaining. And she followed that path by becoming a classically trained French chef who has devoted her career to practicing sustainable global cuisine. Not only can she cook, but she is trained in French pastry as well.

Bloomquist and Grant know from their backgrounds how stressful entertaining can be, and it is their goal to make any occasion as simple as possible—and memorable

“We think outside the catering box,” Bloomquist says. “We offer unique events for our clients, while giving them a chance to truly relax and engage themselves in a one-time experience.”

Along with grazing boards, the Simply Social ladies also offer cocktail kits to purchase along with cooking classes. Recognizing that making artisanal cocktails can be a time-consuming and costly process, they offer a Simply Lemon kit or the Old-Fashioned Spiced box using their favorite chosen English tea.

If you are pleased with Grant’s cuisine and want to expand your cooking knowledge, schedule a class and roll up your sleeves to master the basics.

Beyond homes, Grant and Bloomquist will also come aboard yachts or boats for those seafaring individuals looking to celebrate a special event.

“Our boating culinary services started this year with a couple of clients,” Bloomquist says. “We recently serviced a yacht for a special birthday celebration. As the sunny beach weather increases, we expect to see a demand for this service more regularly.”

Bloomquist and Grant started their business in the fall of 2019 right on COVID’s doorstep. They had a successful holiday season and have managed to navigate through the pandemic with their business continuing to grow.

Their mutual belief that adversity creates an opportunity for creativity has seemed to serve them well so far—especially through these challenging times.

“Our diversified skills and approach to business has created a strong foundation for our partnership,” Bloomquist says.

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