Employees Create Family Atmosphere at HOTWORX

March Hotworx CopyTraining with infrared heating can produce an array of mental and emotional benefits, in addition to removing toxins and metals from the body. The Hotworx fitness center can provide a quick, highly convenient calorie burn and a shorter path to recovery from a variety of injuries, but the employees are what really make the studio unique and set us apart.

General Manager, Anthony Sciscento is a great example of how our people make the difference. As a graduate of Eastern Carolina University with a degree in Exercise Physiology, Anthony has an extensive knowledge of how training in a sauna utilizing infrared heating technology can boost the effectiveness of a workout. With additional training that allowed him to earn a Certified Personal Trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, he is highly adept at helping people maximize the time they spend in the gym.

Having studied exercise science and nutrition for many years, Anthony has a firm grasp on how to develop functional training solutions for people with a variety of circumstances and fitness goals. He understands that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to fitness, that a method or strategy that works for one person may not work for another, since everyone is unique and faces a different set of challenges.

One thing Anthony loves about the Hotworx studio is that training with infrared heating technology delivers a significantly higher number of endorphins compared to traditional methods. This is basically just a result of the infrared workout being a much more efficient, intense option than other training programs.

From growing up as a competitive swimmer and a year-round athlete, Anthony had always been focused on improving his physical fitness. When a shoulder injury forced him into a long period of rest and recovery, however, he began to concentrate on nutrition and mental health as well. Anthony explains that being forced to the sidelines after spending so many years going to the pool on almost a daily basis made him realize that the mental aspect of recovering from a major injury can be just as difficult as anything else.

At one point, getting back to 100 percent seemed inconceivable for Anthony. Facing a long period of downtime without receiving the daily influx of endorphins provided by his training made things even more difficult. This is when Anthony realized that the time spent with recovery can be reduced in a Hotworx studio because infrared heating warms from the inside out, and the warm environment allows for a deeper, more productive stretching of the muscles.

For Anthony, the most intriguing thing about training with infrared is the variety of mental and emotional benefits it provides. Integrating a physical training regimen with infrared heat can serve as a means of warding off depression, since the infrared heating mimics the heat provided by the sun, and the physical exertion dispels a slew of unwanted toxins from the body.

When he isn’t busy helping our members get the most out of their training regimen, Anthony likes to get in some cardio doing the cycles. His reasoning is that finding good opportunities for cardio can be challenging in the wintertime. It is amazing to note that, because of the chance to train utilizing infrared heating, Anthony can burn 500 calories in 12 minutes! Understanding that this quickly provides him with the therapy his essential organs need to be healthy, he will occasionally hit the bike three times a day.

The benefits of training with infrared heating are profound, but it is the employees that truly make the Hotworx fitness studio unique. To find out more about HOTWORX, or to schedule your first session, visit www.hotworx.net or call 910-832-9679.

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