Drone Inspections Simplify Roof Maintenance

Drone technology has been increasingly popular and carries over into many different industries – including roof maintenance and repair. This technology allows homeowners and property managers to view areas of their roof that they might not otherwise get to see. The team at Patriot Roofing is equipped with this technology and provides pictures and videos to their clients after each drone roof inspection. Clients can view any damage and have a better understanding of what repairs need to be made.

Drones can be especially helpful when potential insurance claims are on the line. The team at Patriot Roofing can easily record pictures and video of any damage and send it directly to the insurance agent to start the repair or replacement process. When dealing with a damaged roof, this small convenience can make all the difference. Before and after pictures of a new roof project are also one of the perks of this technology.  

At Patriot Roofing, safety is a top priority. Using drone technology for roof inspections limits the amount of time roofing specialists must climb ladders and navigate steep roof pitches. Additionally, some roof areas that were previously inaccessible can now be seen efficiently and in detail, all while the inspectors are safe on the ground. 

Accuracy and efficiency are also priorities of Patriot Roofing that are supported by drone technology. Using drones to obtain accurate roof measurements allows for more precise material calculations, thereby ensuring your roofing specialist have what they need when they need it. This process minimizes waste or delays associated with reorders – ultimately saving costs that impact your bottom line.  

Patriot Roofing makes their drone roof inspections convenient and reliable. You don’t have to be home when it’s conducted and, since drones can operate in the rain, most weather conditions won’t cancel your appointment either. The drone operator works outside your home to accumulate pictures and videos of your roof in a matter of minutes, and that’s it – inspection complete! The pictures and videos are then analyzed by the Patriot Roofing team and the results shared with the homeowner, along with the footage. 

Drone roof inspection technology also allows you to be as involved as you want to be in the process of preparing for a roof repair, whether you’re away on a trip, evacuated after a storm, or managing a second property from another state. Patriot Roofing will make your roof inspection footage available by e-mail or video conference, and can coordinate a remote review of the results with one of their roofing experts.  

In just a few minutes you can have your roof inspected by the team at Patriot Roofing for free, allowing you to enter hurricane season with the peace of mind and protection that a well-maintained roof offers your family and property.

Stephanie Bolton is the owner of Patriot Roofing Company, a female-owned and locally-operated roofing company serving the Cape Fear area. With over 20 years of experience serving homeowners, Patriot Roofing Company specializes in residential roofing, siding, gutters, and windows. Visit them online at, PatriotRoofer.com or call 910-218-0600.

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