“Do You Have a Pinched Nerve?” We Can Help!

Family At Fort FisherDear Friend, 

It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. Last year more Americans were killed by prescription drugs than by guns,  AIDS, suicides and terrorists combined.

Let me start by explaining the photo in this letter. I am the guy blessed to have the two loves of my life next to me in beautiful Fort Fisher. This was one of our first trips to the area before we moved here to serve the Wilmington community with Upper Cervical care.

12 years ago, something happened to me that changed my life forever. I was in my early years of undergraduate studies suffering from debilitating low back pain. I couldn’t be a normal college kid, which meant no road trips with friends, being confined to my bed for days at a time, and not being able to sit for longer than 10 minutes in class. I was quite honestly depressed and had no idea where my life was going if I had to deal with the pain much longer.

I tried everything to get just an ounce of relief – cortisone injections into my hips, tear- jerking deep tissue massage, stretching regimens, and even a prescription for a highly addictive pain-killer, but nothing worked. Nothing worked, until I found chiropractic

After just a few adjustments, the pain started to go away. I could finally work out without any injuries, sit in class for hours at a time, and most importantly, enjoy life again. The fog of depression was lifted as I started making more friends, pursuing my goals and dreams, and connecting with a girl that is now my wife. Not to sound cliche, but chiropractic truly saved my life.

Not only did my back pain disappear, but I stopped taking a medication that prevented the acid reflux. I quickly realized that having a nervous system free of interference was the key to wellness. I have been receiving Upper Cervical adjustments on a regular basis since then and have never looked back. To me, being an Upper Cervical doctor is not a job, it is a calling.

While in chiropractic school, my fiance had been dealing with anxiety for years. She struggled to balance her thoughts and emotions on a daily basis. I introduced her to my chiropractor and mentor, Dr. Ray Drury, a world-renown Upper Cervical specialist in Charlotte, NC. After a few Upper Cervical adjustments, she noticed a massive difference in her peace-of-mind.

My daughter Sylvia, was checked for an Upper Cervical problem within minutes of her birth. Obviously, a baby does not complain of headaches or back pain, but I check her to keep her healthy, just as I do for the many babies and children in my office.

With chiropractic, we don’t add anything to the body or take anything from it. We find interference in the nervous system and remove it thus enhancing the healing capacities of the body.  We get tremendous results, it really is as simple as that.

I’m here to serve you and make a difference in your life. I’ve been entrusted to take care of tiny babies to 99 year olds. I’m offering this low fee to help more people. 


Dr. Zach Shaw 

Upper Cervical Chiropractor for  Children and Adults

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