Dispensing Care and Quality of Life

Port City Dispensary has been a partner in Cannabis education and Hemp retail since the passing of the North Carolina Hemp Pilot program in 2015. Founded by a Marine Corps combat veteran as a way to share the healing power of Cannabis, Port City Dispensary became an educational outlet and community engagement company.

Carrying only the highest quality products that have been thoroughly vetted against metrics like lab reports as well as state and federal compliance, the company’s culture and values protects consumers from many other products that are of lesser standards.

“If you are buying a product for an intended outcome, you should know everything about that product — where it came from, what’s in it, and how much of it are you getting,” said Matt Dula, the Dispensary’s original founder.

Port City Dispensary sets itself apart from other “CBD” outlets by pioneering concepts of safety, transparency, compliance and labeling that they learned by working in other Cannabis legal markets. “North Carolina needs education, compliance and enforcement. Not many companies have worked in other markets to bring the best of the best back to NC.” Matt said.

As the dispensary moves forward into preparing for medical or recreational Cannabis in North Carolina, they have developed a business model to cater to the consumer. They operate a fulfillment center that provides in-store pickup of orders as well as free local delivery within Wilmington and the surrounding beach cities.

“This model allows our customers to enjoy products even with a busy lifestyle and limited time,” Matt said. “Why spend the time and money going to hunt down your favorites when we can bring them to your door.”

As the flower markets have taken over in terms of demand Port City Dispensary has put in place education to protect the consumer with Law Enforcement partner cards. These cards allow the customer to share the legality surrounding hemp-based products with law enforcement in the event of questioning or investigation.

“We want to use Port City Dispensary as a flagship to other businesses within the state, to serve as a model for our legislation and to partner with our community on showcasing best business practices and giveback,” said Anna Marie Precythe, who is the Chief Operations Officer for CIJ Holdings, Inc., which owns Port City Dispensary. “We’re a company that has a very strong moral compass, and a strong sense of community. One which we wish to demonstrate to our city and share with the state.”

For more information about Port City Dispensary visit portcityhemp.com or call (833) 334-2010 Ext. 4

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