Defining WILMA

20th anniversary: Readers weigh in

20 Years Wilma All 05Earlier this year, as part of the magazine’s twentieth anniversary, we asked readers what WILMA meant to them.

Casual-to-ardent readers, leadership program participants, and others weighed in on the question.

Over the past two decades, WILMA’s coverage has continually shifted and grown, but its focus has remained steadfast. Writer and 2022 Women to Watch Award winner SAYANTANI DASGUPTA describes that mission eloquently: “WILMA meets a vital need of this community by focusing on local issues and the trailblazers who tackle them.”

Here are some of the other responses from readers to the question “How would you describe WILMA and its role in the community?”

“WILMA is a staple in the community with its finger on the pulse of women’s interests.” – Tanya Fermin

“In 2017, I discovered Wilmington, North Carolina. It was love at first visit! … I walked down Front Street in May of 2017 and picked up a copy of WILMA magazine. I promptly read it from cover to cover. In my mind I thought, ‘This city not only inviting, it also has a magazine that acknowledges and praises the women that live here.’ I even went home – up north – and shared this thought with all of my friends. That was it I was hooked and decided that I wanted to move here. The thought that Wilmington has a magazine that centers on the women that live here shows that this is an inspirational community that focuses on diversity, involvement, and most importantly collaboration.”  -Erika Tully

“WILMA celebrates, supports, and develops women leaders no matter where they are in their leadership journey.” – Lauri Ann Plante

“WILMA plays a great role in the community. It connects us to what is happening in terms of women in a variety of leadership roles. It’s encouraging knowing that these successful women are right in arms reach. WILMA promotes personal and communal growth to all. When we highlight stories of women and share their steps, the progression makes it more attainable.” – Mahlaynee Cooper

“I grew up with WILMA. I am twenty-two-years-old now and living in Wilmington. I have grown up surrounded by the community that is WILMA. WILMA uplifts, challenges, mentors, and celebrates this growing community of women. WILMA highlights and nourishes the women of today and tomorrow as we work to better the region not just for future generations of women but as a whole. I am so proud of my mom, Edelmira Segovia, (cover story for the magazine’s spring issue this year) for everything she has accomplished and for being not just a wonderful mother and role model to my sister and I but also a role model for the community.” -Isa Naumuk-Segovia

“Fifteen years ago, or so, I watched my company, Corning, step up and support the initiatives of WILMA through time, talent, and treasure. Since that initial exposure, I have myself moved on to other companies, but remain connected with WILMA initiatives because they are vital to the success of our overall business community in the Wilmington area. Powerful content at events, connections, made with unlikely, contacts, and newly established friendships are reasons that I look forward to WILMA continuing to contribute where we live in work. I am a business leader in the community, but first I am a woman, a wife, a mother of two daughters. there is much work to be done to support other women who strive to be Wilmington’s successful woman.” -Lisa Leath

“I was thrilled when I picked up the magazine when I moved to the area two years ago. As you can imagine moving to a new place during the height of a worldwide pandemic was the absolute challenge. The magazine gave me insight into this thriving area and the awesome work being done by/for women. Kudos to celebrating twenty years of excellence.” – Leslie Thornton

“WILMA has provided me with so many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. A lot of times we don’t take the time to invest in ourselves and WILMA encourages just that. I have become a better leader for my company, for our community, and for my family. The relationships I have gained during the Leadership Institute, networking events, and mentorship program have really become a permanent fixture in my life.” -Amanda Knauff

“A visible display of ambition in unhindered women. She came, she saw, she built it.” – April Skwirl

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