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My mother taught me the value of eating the rainbow in a bright and colorful kitchen,” says LOUISE DAVENPORT, owner and inspiration behind Weezie’s Colorful Kitchen. Weezie’s features meal prep and delivery in Wilmington, providing nourishing food for the busy adult.

Meals are dense in nutrients and heavy in plants, drawing from local farms like Red Beard Farms, Changin’ Ways, Terra Vita Farm, and Seaview Crab Company. “We strive to help Wilmington professionals feel less stressed, more energized, and free to spend more time with friends and family,” says Davenport.

Weaned on healthful eating; a love of wholesome and organic foods comes naturally to Davenport. “Nearly thirty years ago, my father started Ellwood Thompson’s, an independent organic market in Richmond, Virginia. They focused on local, organic foods long before that became mainstream. As a result, I learned to appreciate and look more deeply into where food comes,” shares Davenport.

Originally an elementary school teacher, Davenport eventually fused her teaching background with a passion for wellness and became a certified health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

“As a health coach, I repeatedly saw how even the most health-conscious parents struggled to find the time to cook healthy meals for their family. I saw a huge need in Wilmington for convenient meals that are both nutritious and delicious.”

And so, Weezie’s Colorful Kitchen was born. In a region replete with rich and often fried foods, her healthy, flavorful footprint is on the rise. ‘Many foods from this region are often heavy, but one of the things I love about southern food culture is an appreciation for seasonal produce. There are so many wonderful, healthy foods that are grown right here,” she says.

Her meals are free from all refined sugars, gluten, processed carbs, and processed oils, and organic whenever possible. One can order a la carte without commitment or subscription, and customers can choose from breakfast, salad jar, and dinner options. “I post new menu options weekly on my website,” says Davenport, “and meals are delivered the following Tuesday.”

Weezie’s delivery’s a little different, as well, due to sustainability practices: reusable glass containers house all meals, which arrive in a reusable red cooler bag. After enjoying their meals, customers clean the glass containers and then leave them in the cooler bag for the following week’s pickup. “Virtually no waste,” says Davenport, with a smile.

Every week, Weezie’s creates a new menu. “I get a lot of inspiration from what’s in season at the farmers market and finding creative ways to incorporate zucchini noodles, cauliflower rice, and nutrient-dense homemade broths. We find new and adventurous ways to prepare those ingredients, so we’re constantly bringing new flavors to our customers.”

By committing to community, Davenport continues a longstanding family tradition: “I am passing on the core values taught to me by my father and mother: supporting locals and improving health of others through nutritious, delicious, and colorful meals.”

In keeping with Weezie’s ways, Davenport encourages clients and neighbors to espouse all-around sustainability.

“Don’t be trashy,” she says, with a laugh. Take those glass jars to markets like Tidal Creek Coop and fill them with grains, beans, and nuts; bring re-usable bags for packing fruits and veggies, and cut back on the need for plastic bags.

From composting to cultivating, at Weezie’s, giving back to the environment means ever more colorful cuisine.

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