Colorful Cabinets and Islands Add Personality


Homeowners with a distinct sense of style are gravitating towards kitchens with more than one color. Cabinets stained or painted in two tones are popular right now, said Cee Edwards, president of Markraft Cabinets.

Maple- a light, smooth wood – is the most popular for cabinets because of its texture. In comparison, oak has a lot of grain and shows streaks when painted or stained.

White and off-white are becoming popular in kitchens again especially with a contrasting stain in deep chocolate, grey or black. The darker color can act as an accent on the cabinets that matches the color of a kitchen island. Requests for light grey contrasted with a smoky dark grey have become popular as well. And one of Markraft’s vendors has added a grey product.

“It’s a transitional look between contemporary and traditional,” Edwards said.

Homeowners with older homes who want a contemporary look that does not clash with the rest of the house may want to opt for this. The white cabinets look modern and the darker island looks traditional.

“You’re still keeping your traditional pieces in it with the two-tone,” he said.

Markraft has two-tone cabinets on display in its selection center located at 5424 Oleander Drive, Suite 9.

Most customers bring in pictures from home décor magazines with the look they like.

“Some people who have had a couple houses are looking for something different. They’re looking for a little change, something that will them set apart,” he said.

One way to break out from the pack is to pick an accent color for the kitchen island, a corner cabinet or the crown molding. Some customers want their kitchen to look different from their neighbor’s.

“Two-tone kitchens do that a lot because you’re adding your personality to it,” he said.

Two-tone kitchen styles have become more popular recently and are incorporated in about 15 percent of Markraft’s remodel projects. Even more customers request kitchen islands.

“If the space is there, nine out of 10 customers are asking for islands,” he said.

In order to install a functional kitchen island, the space must be able to accommodate at least a three-foot island with 36 to 42-inches of walking space around it. From there, the options are limitless. Markraft can install roll-out trays, pots and pan drawers, a sink and dishwasher or decorative furniture legs on an island. It just depends on what the customer wants, Edwards said.

Markraft Cabinets specializes in cabinet and countertop design and installation in both new residential and commercial construction as well as custom remodeling projects. For more information, visit or call (910) 793-2002.