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In-between seasons

Winter, spring, summer, fall. If only it were that simple … One day you’re all bundled up with the heat blasting and the next you’re basking on the beach, bare-shouldered. When the weather can’t make up its mind, how do you know what to wear?

The key to keeping up with the temps is in seasonal blending. Fabrics can usually be identified as warm-weather or cool-weather, but the in-between seasons are the perfect time to mix ’em up. For a smooth transition, pair corduroys with linens, knits with satins, and leathers with cotton for a textural interplay that mirrors those mercurial elements – and essentially doubles your wardrobe.

Aranciata wrap DRESS ($154) and hoop EARRINGS ($68), both available at Très Bleu; NECKLACE ($16), available at Hallelu


Confess BUSTIER ($184), white circle Jacqua TROUSERS ($115), python CLUTCH ($158), acrylic EARRINGS ($18), and gold bangle BRACELETS ($48), all available at Très Bleu; Ritual HEELS ($79), available at Soul Shoetique

Rose silk CAMI ($98) and charcoal HAT ($136), both available at Lilies & Lace; Sea Breeze BLOUSE ($37), Gemma emerald SKIRT ($37), and shell EARRINGS ($14), all available at Hallelu


Cinnamon slip DRESS ($200) and ribbed cream WRAP ($94), both available at Lilies & Lace; acrylic EARRINGS ($18) and gold bangle BRACELETS ($48), both available at Très Bleu

Carmelita JUMPSUIT ($138), gold bangle BRACELETS ($48), and Lolita Moroccan SANDAL ($148), all available at Très Bleu; gold EARRINGS ($12), available at Hallelu


Model: Tatum Osborne

Hair: Brandy Alexander (Groove Jet Salon Co.)

Style Assistants: Tyler Moore & Gabriella Vitagliano

Wardrobe: Lilies & Lace, Très Bleu, Hallelu, Soul Shoetique


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