Celebrating 20 years

Photos from WILMA's anniversary party

Wilma 20 Party

We celebrated WILMA’s 20th Anniversary and launched the redesigned magazine with 300 of our closest friends at CFCC’s Wilson Center on March 15. Here are some photos from the event.

Wilma 20 3

“I arrived to Wilmington by myself for an opportunity at the local university and was looking for a sense of community to ground me, and WILMA has been that anchor for me.” – Sherri Shaw, WILMA Institute alum

Wilma 20 4

“You’ve got health and beauty and fitness, financial information, community information, so that’s a resource. Then, they broadened it into the WILMA Network.” – Donna Esteves, WILMA Advisory Board member

Wilma 20 Party 2

“I had never envisioned the events that WILMA sponsors. I envisioned a magazine, and it’s much more than that now.” – Joy Allen, WILMA founder

Wilma 20 5

“It has been the most amazing experience serving on the WILMA Advisory Board, being in the room with a lot of powerful women where we just open up, share ideas, but also celebrate eachother. I think that’s what WILMA represents for our community – celebrating women, recognizing women, telling (their) stories.” – Wanda Coley, WILMA Advisory Board member

Wilma 20 7

Wilma 20 8

The quotes are excerpts from a special anniversary video produced by Honey Head Films. To see the full video, go to WILMA’s YouTube channel.

To view more of photographer Madeline Gray’s work, go to madelinegrayphoto.com.

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