Celebrate True Independence with Pre-Planning

You’re a modern woman in every way, and it shows.

Perhaps you are juggling two jobs and parenthood… all on your own.

Maybe you’re a young professional diving headfirst into the career of you always wanted … pursuing your graduate degree at night.

Or you could be a grandmother heading to college at the age of 75 to follow your dreams.

Whatever path you are on, we celebrate you. It isn’t always easy to go it alone, and yet you do so with grace, determination and a smile on your face.

But in the hustle and bustle of daily life, you may unintentionally make things tougher on those you love by failing to pre-plan for your funeral and memorial service.

Thinking about end-of-life may seem daunting, especially if you’re a 20- or 30-something just starting out in the “real world.” You may think pre-planning is a costly venture or best suited for married couples. The reality is, death is something we all must face.

If you consider how hard you already work for those you care most about, taking a little time now to save them additional pain and financial burden in the future certainly seems worth the effort.

As North America’s largest provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services, Dignity has the know-how and, most importantly, the ability to listen and help you create a plan that fits your unique circumstances.

And the best part – as your life evolves and circumstances change, Dignity is right there alongside you.

Putting off pre-planning because you hope to make a move across the country in the next few years? Dignity’s expansive network allows for the full transfer of your prearranged services should you move more than 75 miles from the city or town in which you originally made your plans.

Worried you can’t afford to pre-plan on your fixed income or limited budget? Waiting will actually put much more of a strain on your finances, since the cost of funeral and cemetery services doubles every eight to ten years.

Dignity is an inflation-proof company, meaning when you preplan your services remain locked in at the current price, no matter when they become necessary. We can provide in-house financing, so you skip the stress of credit checks and banks.

As strong and independent as you are through every triumph and struggle, you are an inspiration to others every day… whether you realize it or not. And we know you do what you do to provide and protect the ones you love.

Give your family and friends the lasting security of knowing your final wishes have already been taken care of, so you can go back to taking on the world!

Michael Higgins is Sales Manager for Dignity Memorial®, which cares for more than 300,000 families each year through its network of more than 2,000 providers throughout North America. Learn more at www.dignitymemorial.com or call Greenlawn Memorial Park, Oleander Memorial Gardens and Coble Funeral and Cremation Services at Greenlawn Memorial Park, (910) 799-1686.

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