Capturing the Moment with
T.J. Drechsel

Drechsel Photography

Where’s the farthest you’ve traveled to photograph a wedding?

“This past year I had the honor to capture a wedding in arguably one of the top National Parks, Yosemite! I was totally giddy to have this opportunity! I have one in the Caribbean this year, which I’m excited about as well. My willingness to travel farther than that is wide open.”

What have been some of your favorite destination wedding trips?

“I had an awesome group I joined in Iceland where we also did some elopement shoots that I still signify as a trip that gave me vision for where I wanted my art to head. Yosemite would definitely hit that list. And, even closer to home, I’ve had some amazing trips out to the barrier islands of coastal Carolina where untouched sand dunes at sunset are magic to place a romantic couple! I now have started to work on setting up sessions wherever I vacation. This past November, I traveled up to Banff, Canada, in the midst of winter snow and had a great session with a local couple amidst the epic peaks of the Canadian Rockies.”

What’s the coolest wedding photo you’ve ever taken?

“This is probably where my right and left brain will argue constantly. I have some epic shots where I’ve framed everything perfectly at the right moment, but then I’ll drift to others where I have a couple so connected in a moment that knowing that connection and capturing it makes it the coolest. I will say that while in Yosemite this past year, I was able to get my bride and groom up above the crowds of Tunnel View with El Capitan, Bridal Veil Falls, and Half Dome beyond and place them there for their first look before going to the chapel to be married. I’d say that is about the most epic place I’ve seen for a first look – and I got the shot!”

Because of what you do, was it hard for you to find your engagement photographer and be on the other side of the camera?

“Not really. What is cool about being in the industry is that I see all the styles of work. I was able to do what I tell every couple to do who inquires with me. Look at each artist’s work! Once you find a style you dig, then that is who you should be getting to shoot your wedding. You’ll find people who range from ‘Bright & Airy’ to ‘Moody,’ and then we artistic photographers will drift toward the magicians who use flares, mirrors, prisms, and all kinds of tricks to produce some beautiful but very artistic looks. I definitely encourage any couple searching for a wedding photographer to not just rush to getting pricing from whoever. Find someone who fits what you think is awesome, and they will deliver to you memories of your day in that same way.”

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