Capturing the Moment with Melissa Hebert

Melissa Hebert Photography

How long have you been photographing weddings?

“I have been photographing weddings since 2010.”

What’s are some challenges to shooting them?

“Challenges to shooting weddings – the weather being unpredictable, so always having to adjust lighting and working with, not against, the elements. Organizing the groups together for the family shots can be a challenge, especially when there are large groups to gather. My favorite part is taking the newlyweds off for their portraits after the ceremony; however, the time is often rushed to get them to the reception.”

As WILMA’s Style photographer, in what ways would you say you bring your eye for shooting fashion to weddings? In which ways are they different in the way you work?

“Fashion photography is usually a controlled setting, whereas weddings are more fast-paced where you don’t want to miss a moment. I also have the added value of an amazing team working to put the final looks together for a fashion shoot. I honestly treat wedding and fashion photography the same. Having a fine arts degree, I take an artistic, creative approach to all of my photography in fashion, portraits, and weddings. I really enjoy the intimate moments that I am able to capture with all of my photography work. I take pride in being true to who people are and being able to capture their special moments. It is all about building relationships and for me to make my subjects comfortable and trust my vision.”

Do you have any favorite places/settings you like to shoot locally for weddings?

“I love shooting around downtown Wilmington with all the unique buildings and textures, Fort Fisher for the landscape and beautiful lighting, Wrightsville Beach for our beautiful coast and doing water shoots, and I love traveling to new destinations for something new.”

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