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Help for the Sunday meal prep

Healthy James MainThe importance of eating healthy cannot be overstated, but the ability for most people to do that with busy schedules and picky eaters can prohibit the lifestyle from being a reality. Everyone has heard of casseroles that hide vegetables or pastas made with whole wheat to try and trick our kids, but who has time for that?

JACQUELINE and TRAVIS HUNTER, owners of Wilmington’s Healthy James have an answer to the nightly dilemma – what’s for dinner?

“My husband and I have always been passionate about personal health and wellness,” Jacqueline Hunter says. “Every Sunday, we spent several hours in our home kitchen prepping meals for our workweek breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. While this helped us maintain an excellent health profile, we were tired of spending our Sundays shopping, prepping, cooking, packaging, and having to eat the same meals five days in a row.”

She says they knew it must also be a challenge for others, so they started researching starting a meal prep business.

“We wanted a model that utilized top-quality ingredients, a variety of fresh-made refrigerated meals and food that had a texture, taste, and overall quality like nothing else available. Healthy James met our criteria,” Jacqueline Hunter says.

The franchise was founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2017 to cater to health-conscious but busy consumers. The local location is 5424 Oleander Drive, Suite 1.

“We have meals for most nutritional needs and preferences,” Jacqueline Hunter says. “Our Fit Meals consist of a choice of baked skinless boneless chicken breast, top sirloin steak, grass-fed ground beef, wild-caught salmon, or wild-caught red Argentine shrimp.”

The protein is paired with a choice of brown rice, cauliflower rice, or sweet potato, and a meal includes a vegetable on the side.

“Our Signature Meals are more savory while maintaining a macro-based balance of nutrition; some are offered in a paleo or keto option,” Jacqueline Hunter says. “We also offer vegan and breakfast meals, gourmet cauliflower crust pizzas, sugar-free protein cheesecake and bars, protein smoothies, and wellness teas.”

Customers place their orders by 11 a.m. Friday and pick up on Sunday morning or opt for local delivery on Sunday. Walk-in customers also stop by during the week.

But how does it all taste?

“Every week we hear customers rave about the quality, portion size, and variety of our meals,” Jacqueline Hunter says. “Our meals have flavor, and this is a direct correlation to the quality of ingredients and the attention to detail of our chef. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste or variety in your meals.

“Food preference is unique to each individual; we are committed to understanding our customers’ dietary needs and preferences so we can assist in making their health and wellness journey most enjoyable,” she adds. “We recognize that most people either have an incredibly busy schedule, don’t like to cook, or don’t know how to cook a healthy and nutrient-rich meal.”

Some of their most popular dishes include fit steak with brown rice, cowboy quesadillas, bison meatloaf, beef and broccoli lo mein, and bang bang shrimp pizza.

“Our (online) ordering portal is easy to navigate and provides descriptions, pictures, and nutritional information for our meals,” Jacqueline Hunter says.

Aside from complete meals, Healthy James offers ordering in “by the pound” portions that include items such as ground turkey or beef, Brussels sprouts hash with bacon jam, cooked sweet potatoes, boneless wings, teriyaki chicken, and cooked shrimp, just to name a few. For those hosting a crowd or entertaining family over the holidays, those are options to personalize meals.

“We plan on expanding,” Jacqueline Hunter says, “with satellite locations to serve the North Wilmington/Hampstead area and Leland area.”

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