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Heather Till switches it up with Rebounding

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One of the most common reasons for giving up on an exercise routine is a lack of interest. No matter how well-intentioned and dedicated we may be, eventually, the same exercise over and over gets tedious, and we find ways to skip a day here or there.

HEATHER TILL of Heather Till Yoga understands this dilemma and has a realistically attainable, and legitimately fun exercise program for people of all ages and strengths – Rebounding.

“I started rebounding during the pandemic as a way to keep up my physical activity, find sustainable ways to move that balanced out all of my teaching activities and support my mental health,” says Till. “I quickly fell in love with how good bouncing made me feel. I found that I felt more energized, stronger, my balance was improving and I was in a much better mood.”

Rebounding is a type of exercise that is done while jumping on a mini trampoline. The aerobic exercise mixes in jumps that are fast or slow.

Till says it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you are bouncing and that there is some research that shows that rebounding increases endorphins.

“Being a long-time movement teacher, I realized how beneficial and efficient this form of exercise is. It’s been shown that 10 minutes of a low impact bounce session is equivalent to a 30-minute run, and it’s much kinder to your joints,” she says. “I knew that I wanted to incorporate Bounce 4 Health classes into my Heather Till Yoga studio as a new offering for my students to support them in finding fun and sustainable ways to move their bodies.”

While it sounds simple, Till took the steps to become a certified instructor in order to best serve her clients. “I got certified as a Bellicon instructor and began offering monthly Bounce (mini-trampoline or rebounder) workshops, and that has grown into offering a weekly Bounce 4 Health class, where we focus on different health aspects of rebounding each month,” says Till. “For instance, this month, we’re focusing on pelvic floor and core health, next month our focus is on boosting lymphatic and immune systems. My musician husband, Perry Smith, accompanies the classes with live drumming which provides a little extra inspiration and fun to the classes and it’s great fun to collaborate together!”

It is important to understand what Rebounding is in order to appreciate the classes.

“This is a very different concept than your backyard trampoline. The movements are controlled, and the focus is on pushing down into the pliable mat versus jumping as high as you can. Rebounding can be done very gently with minimal bouncing involved or very athletically with higher-intensity bouncing,” says Till. “The mat is an unstable surface that creates a unique experience for strengthening the core, hip and leg muscles simply by standing on it. You can imagine how this also helps to improve balance and stability. Bouncing or jumping on the pliable mat is also much easier on the joints than being on the hard ground.”

There are countless benefits to rebounding, including improved cardiovascular health, balance, coordination and mobility, strengthening of muscles and core, boosts to the lymphatic and immune system, reduced anxiety and depression, and an increase in oxygen intake.

In addition to Bounce classes and workshops, she offers weekly gentle, somatic, restorative, chair and prenatal yoga classes; a monthly Gentle Somatic Yoga wellness workshop series; and a seasonal Yummy Yoga Restorative Mini-Retreat.

Till is also a yoga therapist with the Healing Arts Network at Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center and offers weekly yoga classes online (through Zoom) and also in person at terra sol sanctuary and Evolution Healing Arts.”

The Bounce 4 Health class is currently on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 6:45 p.m. in the Verrazano Gallery at The ArtWorks Wilmington.

Till is hosting a Bounce Party open to all ages and abilities on October 29 from 1 to 2 p.m. at terra sol sanctuary.

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