Back-To-School is A Breeze with Kid-Friendly Storage

For kids and teens, back-to-school plans often involve getting more gear – a new backpack and lunchbox, fresh folders and three-ring binders, a slick pencil holder and cool pen case… and maybe even a shiny lacrosse stick, unmuddied soccer cleats or a crisp, clean basketball uniform thrown into the mix.

But for parents, the start of a new school year signals a whole lot of stuff. And that stuff that isn’t likely to stay so new and pristine for very long.

So, how can you keep school supplies and sports equipment from taking over your house? As you get ready this month for the first bells to ring, consider making a few kid-friendly home renovations that will keep you organized and on schedule all year round.

The most recognizable symbol of student learning is, of course, the desk. But Markraft designer Rachel Jindra said there have been a few modern updates to the traditional implement.

For one, a child’s desk no longer has to be tucked away in a bedroom or den, Rachel said. Instead, families are opting to bring homework and study time right into the hub of most homes – the kitchen. 

In today’s fast-paced world, Rachel said a kitchen desk means Mom and Dad can help with math homework while making dinner. Desks can be built into the wall adjacent to the kitchen or, as Rachel noted, islands are even meeting modern multitasking needs by serving as additional countertop space, as well as providing storage and drawers for school supplies and a space to pull up a stool and work comfortably.

“So, it’s all there. You don’t even have to add a desk into the kitchen or dining area,” she said.

Of course, kids don’t always pull out pen and paper to do their homework these days. Rachel said a kitchen island, countertop or nearby desk can be fitted with charging stations – slide-out drawers that come equipped with lots of extra outlets for the whole family’s mobile devices. 

A continuing trend is creating a designated area – usually a laundry or utility room or front hallway space – for dropping off bookbags, jackets, shoes, football helmets… you name it. 

But it’s a lot neater than it sounds. 

With help from designers like Rachel, Markraft can create storage solutions – a bench with built-in floor-level bins and hanging hooks, for example – that are as stylish as they are smart.

And, of course, there is always the tried-and-true approach of bedroom cubbies. This is a great way to help even the youngest kids get – and stay – organized through color-coordinated cloth baskets that easily slide in and out of built-in shelves comprised of cubes. Imagine: when it’s time to clean up, your kids know right away that the red bin is for stuffed animals, the green bin, for action figures, and all the puzzles and coloring books go into the blue bin.

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