Adding Warmth by Incorporating Outdoor Elements Indoors

Spending time outside makes most of us feel refreshed and peaceful. Bringing those natural elements into our homes helps create tranquility and warmth that pairs perfectly with any existing design. By borrowing only a few ingredients from our natural surroundings, you can effortlessly add a comfortable outdoor feel to any space of your home.

In recent years, an all-white kitchen or bathroom was all the rage. And while this design might still appeal to some homeowners, making a few small changes can add warmth and balance to stark white spaces. Adding wood elements into these spaces can help break up the monotone look. Consider swapping out a portion of your white kitchen cabinets, like a pantry or island, for a shade of wood grain instead. Natural wood like warm honey, white oak, or a deep espresso will add stunning contrast to your kitchen.

Another way to add a bit of warmth to your kitchen is by adding a wood butcher block countertop over your kitchen island. It is a terrific way to warm up your space while keeping things feeling natural. And don’t feel like all of your countertops must follow suit if you do add a wood butcher block — breaking out of the matchy-matchy designs we’ve become accustomed to is key here. Using two different countertop materials and colors that complement each other makes your design one-of-a-kind and unique to your style.       

Incorporating open shelving in kitchen design plans has been popular in recent years, and it seems that this trend is hanging around for a while. More and more homeowners want to add at least a few open shelves into their kitchen designs to add visual interest and to display anything from their favorite china teacups, beloved cookbooks, or their favorite serving dishes. Adding some outdoor home décor, like plants, rocks, or decorative bottles of sand are wonderful options for open shelving as they can easily display these pieces of nature. When selecting open shelving, look for a natural finish that showcases the beauty of the natural wood grain. It will ensure that the warmth you are envisioning will shine through.  

Our bathrooms are another perfect place to incorporate the warmth of nature. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with the perfect wood grain bathroom vanity. Think about playing off the shade of your new vanity by adding a natural stone shower that complements the wood grain color of your vanity. Using natural stone adds a rustic texture that only nature can create. Be mindful of the irregular, natural patterns and shapes within your stone choice when attempting to add warmth, as too much precision within the stone will make your added stone design feel artificial. 

Feel like getting creative with some of these ideas to warm up your kitchen or bathroom? Schedule an appointment with one of Markraft’s talented designers today! They’re excited to have the opportunity to start creating a design plan just for you. 

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