About the September Issue

Let’s runway walk into fall

Wilma Sept 2020 Style Collage 1

On a work Zoom meeting, we recently played quarantine bingo. Did you watch Tiger King? Did you start an art project? Did you download TikTok (if you did, do you only have weeks left to binge?)

Imagine the fashion version for 2020. Did you wear stretchy waistbands for entire week? Heck, for an entire month? Did you #NoMakeup – but not because you were making a statement?

Well, by the power of Anna Wintour, it’s September. That means, it’s the annual Style Issue – both here at WILMA and at Vogue, though they might have a couple more celebrities gracing their pages this month than us.

Our cover model, Merritt Hunt, however, is a WILMA celebrity in her own right, with this being her second Style Issue cover for us. She effortlessly shows off seasonal transitional looks that bring brightness and a laid-back attitude.

Not laid back but packed with plenty of attitude is our Heathers-inspired spread. If you’ve never seen the movie, don’t worry. All you need to know is that you can rock anything you wear as long as you have the confidence of a Heather.

So, suit up. Put on something that lifts your spirits. And, let’s runway walk into fall.

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