About the January Issue

A look inside our annual Arts issue

Wilma Cover Main

It’s the annual Arts Issue, so grab your pastels, watercolors, popsicle sticks, Apple Pencil, oils – whatever your medium of choice or convenience.

Sure, it’s January, and the motivation is running high on New Year’s resolutions. Oftentimes, that means focusing on self-improvement – we’re going to eat better, exercise more, drink gallons of water, get eight hours of sleep.

But what if we ditch the idea of a first-week total reboot and just make an effort to be more creative throughout 2022. It can be as small as doodling on the pages inside this issue or big as painting a building mural. It can go beyond visual arts and include writing a short story or learning two chords on the ukulele. It can involve pipe cleaners, pom poms, and white school glue that leaves a trail behind your kid’s refrigerator masterpiece. Your pick.

Pantone recently announced its Color of the Year. It’s called Very Peri, and it’s the first new addition to Pantone’s color library to be elevated to the annual shade status in the program’s history. So, if Pantone can invent a whole new color, surely we can also stretch our creative muscles this year into the wide periwinkle yonder.

Wherever you find your inspiration (from the women featured in this month’s issue, perhaps?), we hope 2022 is your muse.

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