About the August Issue

It’s August, and pandemic or no pandemic, that means back-to-school time.

In most years, we’d include some nods to the schools in our August issue – ways to get kids ready; profiles on women making strides in the education field. This year, it was tough to know what school might look like in the time of COVID.

For the new year, Kindergarten through twelfth-grade public school students in North Carolina will be either be on rotating schedules in their classrooms or moving completely to online learning. In New Hanover County, classes will start off virtually for the first nine weeks. While families had an early foray into remote learning in the spring, it’s clear this is still unprecedented territory.

In the weeks and months ahead, keep an eye out on WILMA’s website, email newsletters, and social media channels. There, you’ll find resources, tips, and information to wade through the many questions – and a community to help with the challenges. For those without kids still in school, we also plan to talk about other ways to navigate these times from self-care to maintaining connections to career advice in a remote working world.

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