A Fresh, Clean Look For Your Laundry Room

Typically, when homeowners think of remodeling their home, the first thing that comes to mind is a kitchen or bath renovation. While these two areas are important to continuously update, other hardworking spaces in our homes often don’t get the attention they deserve. Our home’s laundry room can be overlooked as much of our focus is pushed toward the gathering areas of our home like the living room and kitchen. But the truth is, we spend quite a bit of time in our laundry rooms and as most of us would probably agree, the mundane task of managing laundry isn’t always the most exciting. A thoughtful facelift to this space, however, would make your clothes-cleaning experience much more inviting and efficient. 

Smaller laundry rooms provide an excellent opportunity for the creative professionals at Markraft to find ways to maximize available space. Lacking a dedicated space in many laundry rooms leads to our kitchen tables and living room floors becoming the laundry-folding area. But adding some folding room to your laundry space is easy! If you have a front load washer and dryer, consider having a countertop installed over them. A long countertop above your appliances would provide that perfect, clean, and convenient space for sorting and folding. 

Over time, we all accumulate more laundry products than just detergent and dryer sheets. Perhaps all your laundry items are taking up that valuable real estate on top of your washer or dryer. Installing custom cabinetry above those appliances provides all the storage space you need for detergent bottles, dryer sheets, ironing supplies, and many more of the household supplies that you’d prefer to have stored out of sight. Laundry room cabinetry can be customized to meet the design needs of your space. Colors, style, and hardware can all coordinate to fit your desired design plan. By adding some of these things into your design plan, your space will feel complete and truly reflect your own personal style.

If you’re working with a larger laundry room, it might suit you to add a cabinetry wall with a separate folding area. Laundry room cabinets can be fitted with rods for hanging clothes, storing ironing boards, and even laundry baskets, which are ideal for pre-sorting. Even if you’ve missed a laundry day or two, this added storage can conceal piles of clothes that are already perfectly sorted for when you do get around to the chore. 

Ensuring that every room in your home functions to meet your needs – all while being aesthetically pleasing – is top of mind at Markraft. Their talented designers know how to make your space work for you and are excited to create a customized design plan for your laundry room or any room of your home!

President and General Manager Cee Edwards and his team of talented designers invites you to visit Markraft’s Design Studio, 2705 Castle Creek Lane, just off Castle Hayne Road. Markraft’s professional kitchen and bath designers consult by appointment.

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