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Three of Cups Club born out of friendship


When three creative women all found themselves needing a similar solution to a problem, they came together to make it happen in a remarkable way to solve the needs of countless others.

“We all started out as transplant creatives that found home in Wilmington at overlapping times in our lives,” say the founders of the creative studio, shop, and workshop space Three of Cups Club, JAMIE LOHR, AMANDA SLAY, and STEPHANIE WASHBURN.

Slay and Washburn formed their friendship at the beginning of 2017, shortly after establishing their own individual creative businesses, at their first market in Wilmington together. Washburn met Lohr shortly after Slay, through a mutual friend and creative. They came together to meet for the first time in a collaborative giveaway featuring several local female artists and hit it off right away

“All three of us found ourselves in a transitional phase at the beginning of the year, needing studio space to grow into,” they say. “Instead of trying to find individual options to fit our needs separately, we decided to go in on it with close friends and fellow creatives and built out the dreamiest clubhouse anyone could create in.”

Three of Cups Club is located in the Cargo District on the Kent Street Station Campus at 1901 Kent Street in downtown Wilmington.

“The Three of Cups Club offers art in process and unique, collectible goods and mindfulness workshops and events,” say the founders. “The name ‘Three of Cups’ is a reference to a card in the minor arcana of tarot – the three of cups represents the energy of the ultimate girl gang. A tight-knit community. Your go-to squad who rides with you through thick and thin. The souls you turn to in time of need. The tribe of dreams that always has your back. The friends who nurture your soul and always know how to show up for one another.”

Lohr’s focus is on 2D works such as surrealistic acrylic scenes that incorporate her favorite flora and fauna in dream-scape desert settings, playing with themes of symbolism, duality, and following your intuition. She recently added ceramic work to her offerings with such creations as planters and sculptures.

Slay is described as a roamer at heart and is creative without bounds or labels. Her current focus is on the design of one-of-a-kind jewelry and digital graphics. Slay is also known to dabble in painting, beadwork, macrame, carpentry, and mixed media. She also works to curate events at Hi-Wire and event venues under the pseudonym “Mirage Markets.”

Washburn is a ceramic artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics from Radford University in 2015 and has more than five years of experience in teaching ceramics. She works in small batches that are typically infused with crystals, coral, or gold. Her work is inspired by her dreams, the astronomic cycles, and her local landscape and is made with love.

The Three of Cups Club also offers events including bi-monthly markets that showcase the creative community of makers and artisans as well as workshops that are hosted by clubhouse members, guest creatives, and healers that incorporate mindful actions with hands-on creativity.

Three of Cups Club also has artwork (ceramics, jewelry, painting, and wall hangings) from the individual artists, boutique clothing from Villa Isla and pop-up offerings within the space.

Upcoming workshops include:

As Above, So Below: A Small Business Abundance Workshop Series (June 28, July 9, and August 13)

  • “These workshops were designed with spiritual small businesses and creatives in mind, honoring the turbulence of financial uncertainty with the intention of releasing fear, blocks and other limitations. Modeled after the mantra, “as above, so below,” the workshops will bring in the cosmic potential of your birth chart with ancient inner remembering encoded in your DNA. Together, we will merge the heavens and the earth, manifesting our own unique version of heaven on Earth.”

New Moon Manifestation Workshop: A Meditative Hand Building Pottery Class (July 30)

  • “Together, we will be lead through a manifestation journaling session and meditation, in which we will align with our intention for our vessel. Next, we will gather around the community table and create our ritual jars using hand-building techniques.”

To view more of photographer Aris Harding’s work, go to arisharding.com.

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