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Office-friendly outfit options that don't lose their flair.
photos by Amy Conry Davis
Wilma stylist Michael Ussery puts together office-friendly outfit options.


Dolly Parton sang of a by-gone time. Nowadays with all of our commitments, meetings and errands, the workday is 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. From carpool to the conference room, these outfits give you versatility, comfort and style.

Avocado top, cement pants.white bow top, leopard pencil skirt. striped ruffle top, striped pencil skirt. yellow shift dress, purple trench.

Cement Dress pants available at Clothes Mentor ($8) paired with Avocado Ruffle top available at Aqua Fedora ($49) and WonderShop 80’s Gold Clasp Slinky Metal belt ($22).

Motel Leopard Pencil Skirt available at Edge of Urge ($64) paired with White Bow Detail top available at Clothes Mentor ($14) and WonderShop 60’s Vegan Leather belt ($6).

80’s Vintage Escada Pinstripe skirt available at WonderShop ($60) paired with 80’s Ruffle top available at WonderShop ($34) and WonderShop 60’s Vegan Leather belt ($6).

60's Happy Yellow shift dress available at WonderShop ($42), Deep Purple trench coat available at Clothes Mentor ($59).

In most work places, “business attire” means a suit. I advise you to avoid black, because it fades quickly, it’s typical and unless paired the right way, it can come off as too casual. Switch it up for brown, gray and prints. You will find that you can wear each piece more often and in more ways.
Prints and patterns are difficult to wear in everyday life, so making them work in the office isn’t easy, but the pay-off is huge. When you style a print with classic pieces, the print acts as a “neutral” meaning it matches whatever you pair it with. If animal print and patterns are too risky, try a gateway print like large plaids or vibrant houndstooth.
Pops of color are key to not getting lost in the crowd. Bring your outfit to life with vibrant colors in your accessories, jackets or shoes.
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